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It’s almost the end of 2017, which means many of you may be looking to revamp your site and take your blog to the next level. While many people rebrand their sites and spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars, there is a way to update your site while on a budget! Here are my picks for the best WordPress themes for bloggers on a budget.

$50 and Under

Colors ($49)

The Colors WordPress Theme is great if you are looking for a simple site that you can easily turn into a colorful masterpiece. This is also a great website theme for those of you who are looking for a not-so-feminine WordPress theme. Plus, it’s affordable!

Headstart ($49)

Looking for something a little bolder? The Headstart WordPress Theme is for you. Not only is it fully responsive, but it also comes with MailChimp integration already set for you if you use MailChimp (don’t worry if you don’t, you can still customize it).

Rosegold Watercolor ($25, but ON SALE for $18.75 as of 11/13/17)

If you just need a simple website theme to help you put together your first (or updated) website, look no further than the Rosegold Watercolor WordPress Theme. It comes highly rated, plus customer support seems to be top notch!

Aria ($35)

The Aria WordPress Theme is one of the best WordPress themes if you want to look a little more professional without spending a small fortune. It also seems to be super easy to install and manage, so this is great if you aren’t the biggest techie in the industry.

$100 and Under

Biz Lady ($79)

When I was first looking to revamp my site, the Biz Lady WordPress Theme was in my top 3 for best WordPress themes on the market. It took me almost a month to decide what my new theme would be, and I really struggled with choosing this theme and the theme I have now. Ultimately, I decided not to choose this one, but I still want to recommend it.

This theme is great for the #bossmom or female entrepreneur looking to make a splash in the online world. I love that it is easily customizable and that it gives you a call to action right at the top of your website. I think this theme could work for just about anyone!

Portfolio eCommerce ($65)

Not only do I love that this Portfolio eCommerce Theme is eCommerce compatible, but it also comes with freebies (and who doesn’t love freebies?). You can also edit your website and make changes without worrying about people seeing those changes. I really like this feature, especially as a one-woman show. It can take me a few hours to update my themes, so the fact that I can do it without people seeing all of my mistakes and changes is HUGE.

Minimal Shop ($69)

Looking for something a little more minimalistic? You’ll love this Minimal Shop Theme! It’s still got the cool bells and whistles that the other themes have, but it’s clean and uncluttered. This is great for those that hate a really congested looking (and feeling) site but still want functionality and options.

Corinne ($65)

The Corinne WordPress Theme is actually the theme I am using now! It’s so easy to customize, and I was able to get my site back up in going in less than 4 hours. I really love the options for the home page, and I love the footers that are offered with this theme.

While I still have some playing around to do, of course, but I have a feeling I will be sticking with this theme for a while. I was SO not ready to do a complete rebrand and pay someone to do so. Although it’s a great investment to do (once you are at that point), I do think that themes like Corinne can at least offer you some professional looks without spending a pretty penny.

Over $100


Many of my clients use the Divi Theme Builder, and I have to admit that it is incredibly easy to use and customize. While the yearly plan is $89/year, I HIGHLY recommend going ahead and spending the $249 for lifetime access if you choose this theme. $89/year can really add up if you never change the theme. Plus, if you do decide to change your theme, Divi has multiple options, and you’ll get lifetime access if you choose to go back.

While I thought about going with the Divi theme, I really just fell in love with the theme I am currently using. However, this was in the top 3 for me as well! I would consider this one of the best WordPress themes on the market for anyone on a budget!

There you have it, my top picks for the best WordPress themes for bloggers on a budget! There is something for everyone on this list, and they can save you a ton of money, that you can then invest in other things for your blog!