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Even though I earn money from my blog, my products, and my new membership site Part-Time Profit, I wanted to share a bit about my other business and journey. In 2015, I started my freelance career as a freelance writer in the personal finance space. In early 2016, I became a virtual assistant after being laid off from my job. Since then, I’ve done so many different things in my business. However, in late 2017, I helped a (now former) client launch her first course, and I fell in love.

Since then, I’ve helped many clients launch their courses. And it’s still something that brings me joy. Being a course launch expert has helped me niche and earn more money. I went from a former virtual assistant to an expert in an industry that needs my expertise. Anyone can launch a course. But helping an online entrepreneur launch a course and make decent money (many of my clients have made 6-figures from their courses alone) is even better. And, with more and more people working online, we need more technical experts, including those who can launch courses.

So, here’s how I went from virtual assistant to course launch expert, and how you can become one too as a service provider.

So let’s get started, shall we?

Basically, my journey went like this:

  • Become a virtual assistant
  • Learn a lot of new skills and do a lot of new tasks to build up skillset
  • A client tells me she wants to launch a course in less than 6 weeks
  • We actually finished the course and launched it, but we did run into a lot of issues along the way
  • I didn’t like working with the client but I did LOVE launching courses. So even though we “broke up”, I decided that I wanted to offer course launching as a service
  • Offered to launch courses for current clients, and learned even more
  • Now I offer this as my only “service” in my business

So how did I get here?

I Actually Jumped Into Course Launching

Here’s the thing, you can’t become an expert in anything unless you jump in and try it. You can read all the books you want. You can watch all of the YouTube videos on the topic. But, unless you dive in headfirst and just do it, you won’t know what it takes and you won’t know what to tweak.

The first client that I launched a course for was a nightmare. She would change things last minute. She would ask for things in the middle of the night. And, she even got upset when things weren’t done because she couldn’t approve things on time. However, everything we worked on taught me what it takes to launch a course, what content and media a course needs, timelines, project management, and everything else. So while that client wasn’t fun to work with, I loved all of the moving pieces that came with the stress of launching a course.

Because I jumped in head first, I also learned how to streamline course launching, and each time I’ve launched a course with a client, it’s gotten easier and easier. I can now help my clients launch their course in four weeks or less, which is HUGE. Imagine being able to make passive income if you just focus on something for four weeks.

I Took Lots Of Notes

When you plan on offering something as a service (or product), you need to make sure that it’s as streamlined as possible. No one wants to work with someone who calls themselves an “expert” but doesn’t know what they’re doing. When launching the first course I worked on with a client, I wrote down EVERYTHING. How long did it take us to set up an affiliate program? Which platform was the best platform for what we needed? How would my client get paid? Did we have any processes in place for customer service, offering refunds, etc?

By taking notes and writing everything down, I was able to use those notes to make each launch after that initial launch even better. And even though I’ve been doing this for three years now, I still take notes. There’s always a new platform, a new or better way to do things, and other tools and resources that can help.

I Created A Project Template

As a course launch expert, you need to have a timeline for your clients and an easy to use template so you can a) make sure everything gets done and b) know that nothing fell through the cracks while you’re focused on the launch. I have a template that I use every single launch. Now, if a launch doesn’t need everything the template has (like an affiliate program creation for example), then we check those off. But the template means we don’t miss anything.

My template works for me. It’s based on everything I’ve learned over the last three years of launching courses. However, your template would most likely look different than mine. The key is to add all tasks and projects that need to be done for your clients and add to it as you learn more. It’s also super helpful when pitching potential clients because they get to see how you work and what they could accomplish realistically.

How Can You Become A Course Launch Expert?

Now that I’ve shared how I got my start and what I did to continue offering course launching as a service, let’s talk about how you can become a course launch expert.

Learn How To Launch A Course

Unlike back in 2017, there are quite a few courses and blog posts out there that teach you how to launch a course. Even I’m creating a course on how to launch courses. My course will be more geared towards virtual assistants who want to launch courses as a service. However, there are also plenty of courses out there that teach the basics of launching (and you can tweak what you learn to fit your service offerings).

Sites like Skillshare and Udemy have tons of different courses that you can take to help you launch courses. And there are a ton of things you can learn that will help you with marketing courses too, like social media and email marketing.

Ask Current Clients

Once you’ve learned the basics of launching a course, what better way to practice than on the clients you already have? This is how I built up my course launching service. If things go “wrong” (and by wrong I mean if the course doesn’t sell well or if you run into problems) your current clients will still work with you. It’s better to mess up with people who already trust and work with you than to mess up with someone who has no idea how you work.

If you do choose to work with a current client, remember to remind them that this is new to you, but that you’re willing to learn and try and grow with them. That way, they understand you’re not an expert YET, but that you’re able to put in the work and learn.

Ask For Referrals

Once you’ve done a few launches with current clients, you can now ask for referrals! I sent out emails to my current clients that I found a new service that I loved offering, and that if they knew anyone who needed help with course launching, they could send them my way.

To my surprise, many of my clients knew tons of people who were frustrated with creating their course, and they referred me. Just by reaching out to my network and asking for help, I was able to work with another 20 people to help them launch their courses.

When you’re ready to take on more work and branch out as a course launch expert, you can reach out to your network too. All you need to do is let them know what you’re up to and that you’ve got a new service. And, because your network trusts you, you may get more and better clients this way.

Take Your Own Notes

Just like I mentioned earlier, don’t forget to take notes as your launching courses with clients. Note what works well and what doesn’t work at all. Don’t be afraid to do your research and take notes on that as well. Note what your clients love and what they hate. Write down issues that you came across and fixed, and what you could do better next time.

By taking notes and learning from each launch, you’ll be able to streamline your work and launch courses faster and more easily. Again, I can now launch a course in four weeks from start to finish. But I credit that to the fact that I created a blueprint from my notes.

Get Testimonials

If your clients are happy with your course launching skills, ask for testimonials! These give you social proof and make people a little less hesitant to work with you. People love knowing that the person they’re working with is good at what they do, and testimonials prove that.

What I do is reach out a month or so after the course is launched. I’ll ask my client how everything is going, if we need to tweak anything, and what they were happy with. Once they get back to me I’ll send them the option to provide a testimonial. And many do because they’re so happy with the work I put in.

Keep Going

Even though I’ve launched courses consistently for the last three years, I still learn new things each time. I learn a better platform to use, better social media copy, better funnel systems, and more. So, every single time I learn something new, I write it down and add it to my project blueprint.

To become an expert, you have to keep going and keep learning and growing. If you stay stagnant and stop learning, eventually you won’t be an expert anymore. Course launching is constantly evolving with the changes in social media, tools, and more. So keep learning!

Being A Course Launch Expert

Could you see yourself as a course launch expert? I love launching courses, and I know that there is a ton of work to pass around. If this is something you’re interested in learning and doing, the steps above can get you started! There is nothing wrong with niching and building your skillset. And, I love that I can offer this as a service and make an income doing it.

If you’re trying to find a way to earn more money and offer a specific skillset, launching courses may be for you. I recommend jumping in and trying it out, and if you love it, it can become a lucrative side hustle or business venture!