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As a mom and entrepreneur, my days are never truly the same. However, I thought I would give you a glimpse into one of my days to show you that it IS possible to manage your business as well as take care of your household and family. Now, please keep in mind that I can’t do everything in one day, and neither can you. Always remember that self-care is important and that you should never beat yourself up for not accomplishing everything on your to-do list. With that being said, let’s jump into a day in the life of me!

A Typical Day In The Life Of The Entrepremomer


6:30 am: Now that I am a full-time entrepreneur, I try to sleep in just a bit. However, after years of waking up super early for school and work, I still open my eyes around 6:30 am naturally. I can’t complain though because waking up early has allowed me to get a lot more done in the day!

6:30 am-7:00 am: For thirty minutes I take some time to meditate, read my bible, and pray. As a Christian, I like taking just a few minutes to have a conversation with God and find peace within myself. If you are not a Christian, you can always try meditating. After adding meditation into my routine, I have noticed that I am much more focused. My favorite app to use for meditation is Calm. When I first started, I could barely focus for a few minutes. Now, I can typically meditate for 15-20 minutes.

7:00 am-7:30 am: I get dressed in my workout clothes and try to get a quick 20-30 minute workout in at this point. After having my daughter and starting work full time in 2014, I became sedentary. Now, I can normally keep up with a 20-minute medium-high intensity workout. One day, I hope to be able to start and finish a program like Insanity. For now, I am happy with my favorite workout videos on YouTube.

7:30am-8:30 am: After I’m finished working out, I will grab some coffee, take a shower, and get dressed. I sit down at my desk to go through emails and complete any tasks that I know won’t take me long. This could be anything from social media*, to finishing a post, to creating graphics or brain dumping ideas into Asana. Since I am trying intermittent fasting, I won’t eat breakfast. It has actually worked really well for me because I never liked eating breakfast!

8:30 am-1:00 pm: Around this time my daughter wakes up. I’ll give her a quick peck on the cheek and spend a few minutes with her before getting to work. My husband is a stay-at-home parent, so he watches her during the day. Once I’ve said good morning and given some love, I head to my office. This is the time I work solely on client work. I won’t touch social media or my own blog until this time is up.  Since I am a virtual assistant to quite a few clients, I need to prioritize my work. If I haven’t heard from a client in a bit, I’ll send them a quick email just to check in. I also listen to podcasts at this time, and I always have a few that I can listen to at any time.


1:00 pm-2:00 pm: This is the time that I’ll take a break for lunch and to spend time with my family. Even though my husband can cook, I will usually make lunch and dinner. I love cooking, and it feels so good to be able to do this mid-day. We will eat lunch together, chat a little bit, and sometimes I even have time to play a game with my daughter.

2:00 pm-5:00 pm: I will finish client work during these hours. I also take an hour or two to work on my own website and social media. I will write blog posts, schedule social media, work on a project, or even just check my email.


5:00 pm-5:30 pm: I do try to spend a little time every day cleaning up. I set aside 30 minutes to just clean anything that I think may need it. My husband and I usually spend a few hours on Saturday or Sunday cleaning the entire apartment, but I still try to keep countertops clear and clothes off the floor.

If the place looks relatively clean, I will deep clean something like the fridge, or I will declutter an area. I will set an alarm so I don’t get sucked into the black hole of cleaning duties. With four people in a 900 sq ft. apartment, we have to be careful to keep things clean and decluttered. I feel like it’s so much easier to hide a mess in a bigger place!

5:30 pm-7:30 pm: It’s dinner time! I plan our meals every week, and I try to pick meals that the whole family can help make. My husband will chop veggies, my daughter helps me stir, and my sister will come at the end just to eat. We take this time to eat dinner as a family, and may also watch one of our favorite shows if it’s on Hulu** or Netflix.

7:30 pm-8:30 pm: Free time with the girls! We will clean up the kitchen, pop some popcorn, and all cuddle on the couch.Some nights, we will go out and walk around or head to the pool. I try not to touch any work or my phone at this time, and I am teaching the girls that quality family time is super important. My husband usually takes a break at this time, since he spends all day with our daughter. He will go off to finish his projects, play video games, or even read. I just like giving him time to himself, even if it’s just an hour or two.

8:30 pm-9:00 pm: I will start my daughter’s bedtime routine around this time. We will read books, and I will give her a bath and let her play in the tub for a while. Once she’s out and dressed for bed, we will read more books or listen to some of her favorite music. We have cards that she completes every night, and they’ve really helped. They show her how to have a proper bedtime routine, and it makes things easier for me because I don’t forget anything we need to do.

9:00 pm-11:00 pm: Once my daughter is in bed, I take some time to plan my next day. I will also work on tasks I couldn’t finish. I don’t check emails or business related calls at this time (I have business hours for a reason), but I will finish anything that has a deadline. This is typically done this in bed while watching something with my husband. If I don’t have any work to do, I’ll read or we will just lay down and talk to each other.

11:00 pm: It’s bedtime for me! Sometimes I fall asleep earlier than this, sometimes later, but I really try to be in bed by this time. Getting a good night’s rest is so important to me, so I try to make sure I’m in bed at a decent time every night.

So there you have it, a day in the life! Again, this isn’t every single day, but for the most part, this is my schedule throughout the week. What does your day in the life look like?