This is my first podcast episode! I started my podcast for two main reasons;

  1. Because I was getting so many questions that I wanted to answer, but email takes forever and doesn’t reach as many people.
  2. To connect with my audience on another level.

Now that that’s been said, let’s jump right into my first episode.

The #1 question I receive from moms who are looking to start their own business is “What do I do if people don’t support me?”

When I first started my business, I didn’t receive the support that I thought I would from the people in my life. Besides my husband and sister who supported me wholeheartedly, almost everyone else was, at the very least, skeptical.

And I’ve had to learn that that’s okay. People won’t always support you, especially when you’re doing something that they don’t understand or aren’t used to. But that doesn’t mean that their support, or lack of support, should determine what you do with your life.

What to do if people don’t support you

Decide if their opinion matters

Look at where the lack of support is coming from. Is it people you aren’t really close to? Is it friends and family? If you aren’t close to the people who aren’t supporting you, cut them off or at the very least, don’t listen to them.

If it’s family, friends, or even your significant other that isn’t being the most supportive, find out if it’s because they care about you and just want the best for you, or if they’re jealous and don’t mean the best for you. Either way, you can’t control their feelings, but knowing if their lack of support is coming out of fear vs. jealousy can change how you approach things.

Realize that they may not be in your market

Sometimes, we expect friends, family, and those in our circles to support us when in reality, they shouldn’t. For example, I don’t expect my guy friends or my husband to support my business, purchase my products, or tune in to my blog or social media, because they aren’t my target audience.

Women who are the main breadwinners of their families, trying to start a business, and raising kids is who I cater to. So why would I expect people outside of that to support something that won’t help them or me?

Get support from people doing what you’re doing

I’ve made a ton of great business friends in the four years I’ve been doing this. And I haven’t even met all of them in person! By getting out of my comfort zone and reaching out to bloggers, coaches, and other women business owners that I admire, I’ve been able to create my own support group mostly dedicated to my business.

Stand your ground

At this point in my life and business, I don’t care if people support me. I do this because I love it and I know I have something special to share with the people who WILL listen. While my husband is still my ultimate cheerleader, if he wasn’t, I have the confidence and drive to support my damn self.

You will never see success if you keep looking to people for approval and support. You have to find that support, love, and determination inside yourself. And if the people in your life never come around to you owning a business, so be it. Let your happiness and success speak for you.

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