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I’ve used Pinterest for as long as I can remember. I actually started using Pinterest when you had to sign up and get the exclusive “invite” sent to your email if you were approved. I’ve been through the constant changes, the former Tumblr-esque feel, and more. I still love it, and will continue to use it until I no longer enjoy it, even if it stops serving its purpose business wise. Trying to manage Pinterest as a busy mompreneur has been a learning curve, because I wanted optimal results with minimal effort. After two years of helping my clients (and myself!) manage Pinterest and grow their profiles and websites, I thought I would share my top tips and tricks with you.

Optimize Your Profile

Okay first things first, make sure your profile is optimized! Now, I’m not saying you have to go out and get a professional photo taken, or that you have to go through great lengths to be “seen”, but make sure to describe who you are, what you do, and list your website. Throw in a hashtag or two, and you’re good to go!

Get Social Warfare

I love using Social Warfare on my website, because it makes loading Pinterest images (and other social media images) easy. All I have to do is upload my photo, add my description (including hashtags..more on that in a second), and set up my conditions. From there, if people want to pin my post either through the Pinterest extension, my Pin button, or even the Tailwind extension, they can do it easily. This makes it super easy to manage Pinterest pins and their descriptions. I no longer have to use code to “insert” my Pinterest images or find ways to hide them in a post. I just upload and go!

Create A Template

If you haven’t noticed, I have a theme. All of my pins look similar, with the same fonts and colors. This not only makes it super easy for me to create graphics, but also creates consistency in my branding. Don’t make your job harder than it has to be. Save yourself time and energy and make your graphics look similar. Now, not every graphic has to be the exact same. But, by having a template, you can make sure that your graphics are created quickly and efficiently. Needing a template? Creative Market has some great options!

Use Tailwind

I LOVE using Tailwind. Not only do I use it for myself, but I use them for my clients as well. Tailwind is great for “manually pinning” different pins when I don’t have the time, looping my most popular pins, and sharing my pins with a wider audience.

With Tailwind, I use it to schedule pins from blogs and websites that I follow, as long as any pins that I find in group boards or online. I’ve added the Tailwind extension to my browser so I can easily schedule pins as I come across them. I’ve made this task efficient by scheduling well in advance, and it usually takes me 2-3 hours to schedule a full month in advance. I also use Tailwind for its tribes’ feature, which has helped skyrocket my engagement, followers, and visitors on my website.

Utilize Group Boards & Tribes

If you aren’t a part of Pinterest group boards or Tailwind Tribes, you are seriously missing out. Group boards allow you to collaborate with people in your niche. They also help give your pins the opportunity to be seen by more eyes. Tailwind Tribes work in a similar fashion. Both groups and tribes will have their own separate rules, so make sure you follow them if you plan on using them.

Since using both of these options, I’ve noticed huge growth in not only my re-pin rate but my click-through rate as well. That means more visitors to my site. For group boards, I only pin my pins once using Board Booster, and it does the rest for me. For Tailwind, I add each new blog post to my tribes when I am adding it to my social media schedulers. Looking for groups to join? Here’s a great list of them, and an awesome list of Tailwind Tribes you can join as well.

Manual Pinning

I know you may be asking yourself “How do I have time to manage Pinterest and automate it to save time if I’m constantly trying to pin things?”. I get it. Manual pinning seems like a pain in the butt and a huge time suck. However, once or twice a week I will go into my Pinterest account and pin a few images manually.

I will usually only do this for 5-10 minutes max each time, but even those few minutes have made a difference in my engagement numbers. With Tailwind, your pins are pinned on a set schedule, and eventually, Pinterest gets used to it. Through manual pinning, I’m able to keep the algorithm from getting used to my schedule and punishing me for it.

Add Hashtags

Pinterest recently allowed hashtags on your profile and pin descriptions. USE THEM. Seriously, it takes two seconds to add a few hashtags to each of your pins. What I do is add the hashtags to my social warfare description, that way whenever my graphic is pinned (even if by someone else) my hashtags are there. It works just the same as Instagram and Twitter. Your pin is more likely to be found if it has relevant hashtags. Some of my favorites? #Mompreneur, #smallbiz, and #entrepremomer (because it’s my blog name after all!). Here’s a great in-depth article that explains the use of hashtags really well.

Use Keywords Everywhere

You use keywords when writing a blog post right? So why not use them in your pins? For example, with this post, I’ll add keywords like “Pinterest”, “Tailwind”, and “social media” to my pin description. Couple that with my hashtags, and my pin is more likely to be seen than someone else’s pin that is just a picture and no description. Yes, a picture can be worth a thousand words, but what’s it worth if no one can find it?

It is possible to manage Pinterest as a busy mompreneur, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort on your part. In all, these strategies only take a few hours of my time each month, but the results are what makes the time spent worth it!