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If you are a work from home mom, or a mompreneur, there may be times that you need a little extra cash flow. When I first started my virtual assistant business, I was diving head first after being let go from my job. I didn’t have much money coming in, so I had to find other ways to bring in an income to help support my family.

Now, just as a disclaimer, these ideas are not going to make you rich overnight. What they WILL do is get you some extra cash or gift cards to use as supplemental income for savings, date nights, or even necessities for you and the kids.  Here are the easiest ways I have been able to make extra money to save and spend.


Swagbucks* is one of my all-time favorite easy way to make money. I’ve earned thousands of points that have converted to gift cards in the last year. I don’t delve as deep into the website as I could, but I do take the surveys, answer polls, and have the videos play on my phone throughout the day.

From time to time I will add in a swag code or search using their search engine, but those are just easy tasks I can do when I have time. I spend about 15 minutes a day on Swagbucks, and I normally earn anywhere from $100-$2oo a month in gift cards! I normally use this money as date night money, but from time to time I will use the gift cards for shopping.


CashCrate is the website to go to if you want cold hard cash in hand. I rarely get on this site, but I still cash out $20 or so a month. This money is normally sent straight into our savings. The minimum payout is $20, and you can request to be paid via PayPal or direct deposit. Easy peasy!

Inbox Dollars

I solely use Inbox Dollars for the paid emails. You could probably earn a lot more than I do by participating in offers and taking their surveys. I just think they make them too complicated and time-consuming. However, with the paid emails, I can normally earn an extra $30-$50 every couple of months. This doesn’t seem like much, but free money is free money! Once you hit $30 (their required cash out amount) you can request to receive a check or have them load the money onto a prepaid debit card. I use the card, and it works just like any other debit card.

Blog Mutt

Blog Mutt is your typical content mill site, but you can use it when you need a little extra cash. When I first started as a work from home mom, I would write 3-5 articles for their companies a day. I have since stopped using them, but I wanted to recommend them for any mom looking to earn a few extra dollars as a freelancer.

You get paid $8 an article starting out, but you only have to meet the minimum 250-word count per article. I would normally write an article for Blog Mutt in less than 20 minutes. Once my article was approved, I would earn my $8. I made a few sales, and it was nice to see some extra cash. However, I wouldn’t recommend them if you are a slow content creator.


Everyone has heard of Fiverr. If for some odd reason you haven’t, here is the rundown. Fiverr is an online selling platform where you can sell or buy a service for as little as $5. You can get just about anything done, from creating a logo, virtual assisting, and even voiceover work. Fiverr was successful for me when I first started my virtual assisting journey. I was able to make about $200 in one month doing various tasks as a work from home mom.

I DO NOT recommend this site as the sole way you make money. To be honest, I don’t really recommend this site at all. The only reason it is on my list is that it was easy for me to make $200 in a month, but I believe you should charge what you are worth. No one is worth only $5.

Now, I do understand that you can upsell your work and some people make their living from Fiverr. However, if you have to perform extra marketing tasks, give up $1 for every $5 earned, and then have MORE money taken out when you get paid, you might as well own your own business. Just my two cents. But, I understand that sometimes as a work from home mom, you may be in a pinch money wise, so use this site at your discretion.


If you can find a VarageSale in your community, I highly suggest you join. VarageSale is like Craigslist, but better. You post any item in your home that you want to be sold, someone from your community expresses their interest, you meet up to sell your item and get paid. Everybody wins! There are many reasons I like VarageSale over Craigslist. For one, you can be “rated” as a seller or buyer. This system helps keep the crooks and flakes out. So you rarely have to worry about wasting your time dealing with people who are abusing the system.

I have earned around $300 selling items we no longer need or want, and it is a nice way to connect with the community while getting rid of clutter. Every work from home mom has something they can sell for some extra cash!


With a toddler, a teenager, and a husband to shop for (not including myself even though I’m a work from home mom), I feel as if I’m always shopping for clothes. Anyone who knows me knows that I love saving money and online shopping. ThredUp* is the perfect marriage between the both of them. It is the main reason I can afford all of the clothes we have to buy! ThredUp is one of the few online thrift stores that you can use to buy or sell clothing items.

Whenever it comes time to clean out our closets and go shopping, I order a ThredUp bag, pack our clothes into it, and send it off. After a few weeks, I have the cash (or credit) to spend on more clothes! I love that ThredUp also donates any of the clothes that they can’t buy from you. Keep in mind, you can’t send any men clothes, but ThredUp loves women’s, maternity, plus sized, and children’s clothes. Also, you will be paid just like any other clothing consignment stores. Remember that you won’t get rich selling your items to them. If you want to try your hand at selling your clothes yourself, try Depop or eBay.

Rebate Apps

Since grocery shopping is such a variable expense, I love having the option of earning back money that I’ve spent. A few of my favorite apps to earn money back for grocery shopping include Receipt Hog, Shopkick, Checkout 51, and Ibotta. All of these apps offer either a rebate or give me cash based on the amount that I’ve paid for my groceries!

As you can see, it is fairly easy to earn a few extra dollars a month to spend or save. These websites and apps could be useful to help you splurge a little, or even add some wiggle room to your budget. What are some ways you make a little extra cash?