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It’s crazy how fast time is flying. We are now halfway done with 2018 and I feel like we just started. I had a terrific month in May, albeit a few hiccups. Here’s what went down!

Business Recap

Wrote Lots of Blog Posts

I wrote over 30 blog posts in the month of May, and that’s not including my own! After picking up two new writing clients, I’ve been a busy woman. It’s so nice to have another stream of income coming in for my business. While it’s adding more time to my daily work for now, I know it will all start leveling out as I transition from so many one-on-one clients to focus on my business and writing ventures.

Finished My New Book

I finally finished my new book! It will be released later this month, and I’m really excited to share the process and details with you. I kept a blog post updated during the entire two month process, so you’ll be seeing that soon as well. I’m so happy to finally have this off my plate. I will now have my very FIRST passive income project off the ground!

Organized My Biz

I don’t know what happened in May, but I just felt like decluttering and organizing. Not necessarily in my personal life (as I try to live pretty minimally), but in my business life. I had so many saved emails, documents in Google Drive, and just random notes and papers all over the place from my random bursts of ideas. I took a few days and organized everything, and my mental clarity is so much better! I’m a pretty organized person, but sometimes I just have so much going on that I don’t have the time or energy to organize everything. Having those few days to clear out my clutter felt so nice.

Personal Life Recap

Lots of Events

I was a busy girl in the month of May! My sister graduated from high school, so my family attended her graduation one weekend, and her graduation party the next. I also met virtually with some cool ladies, and that took up a few days of my time as well. Overall May was a great month, but man I didn’t realize how tiring it could be to attend so many different events during the weekends.

Doctor’s Visit

My daughter had her first doctor’s visit that wasn’t preventative care! She sprained her ankle and after a few days of it not getting better, my husband and I made the decision to take her in. She was actually okay (the doctor even performed a few x-rays), and the doctor told us to keep doing what we were doing. He felt it was her fear of walking more than the pain, so at least we know she’s okay!

Signed Up For Weight Watchers

I decided not to go with the personal trainer that I hired last month due to some communication issues, but I still wanted and needed some accountability. So, I joined Weight Watchers! Now, I’m not big on “tracking” for the sake of eating 1,000 calories a day, but I like how Weight Watchers has started taking a more holistic approach on food. It makes it easy for people like me who don’t like calorie counting, but still want to eat a more whole foods type of diet. Your girl loves some avocados, and I don’t like those “diets” that tell me I can’t have them! I will keep you updated on how everything goes, but I’m hoping to reach my goal weight by my birthday next year (for some personal reasons that I may share later, as well as for my health).

Overall, the month of May passed by so quickly for me, and it was honestly a lot of working and driving around for my family and friends. I’m excited to see what happens in June!

What did you accomplish in May? 

What does a mompreneur do when her personal life AND business life are jam packed? She organizes of course! #mompreneur #wahm #productivity #organization #bookwriting #entrepremomer