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It’s time for my November recap and December goals! I want to check in for the beginning of the month, every month and list what I’ve accomplished each month and what my new goals are. Let’s jump into November’s recap!


Hit 1,000 PageviewsFail. However, I am building my views little by little. Last month was my biggest month. I hit 579 views last month, so almost 100 more views than October!

Write One Blog Post A WeekPass! I wrote one blog post each week in November.

Get A Month Ahead On Content Fail. I’ve been extremely busy with two clients trying to launch new products/businesses, so I haven’t been able to get ahead on my own content. December will (hopefully) calm down a bit so I have a chance to work on this.

Grow My Email List By 20 PeopleFail. I actually lost two subscribers. No fret though, I’m going to work harder on that this month.

Social Media

Grow Social Media Channels By At Least 20 People Each– Pass (ish). I got really close on Twitter, but passed on Facebook and Instagram. I’ll consider it a win. Here are my numbers:

Twitter: 181 ( ^ from 167 in October)

Facebook: 414 ( ^ from 350 in October)

Instagram: 220 ( ^ from 196 in October)

Post On Instagram 3x A Week– Pass! I posted 3x a week during November. I also started on Instagram stories and have really been enjoying it!

Participate In One Twitter Chat– Fail. Another month went by without me completing this.


Make $50 From My Blog– Didn’t happen. But I have plans this month and for 2018 that will hopefully turn this around.

Make $6,000– This month was super busy but so worth it! I made exactly $6,004 after expenses. However, this income hasn’t been taxed yet, so keep that in mind.

Join Amazon Associates– I joined Amazon Associates last month! I love being able to do this because I love Amazon. I’m so glad to now be in a state that allows me to be a part of the program.


Move Out– We moved from Missouri to Kansas last month! Not much to say besides the stress of moving was totally worth it.

Celebrate Thanksgiving– Pass! We ate really amazing food and got to spend time with my husband’s side of the family.

Have One Date Night With My Husband– We had more of a date day, but it still counts! We went to lunch and then went Christmas shopping with each other.

Have One Family Date– We’ve gone outside since we now have a really big backyard, but we didn’t really go out too much this month. Now that we live in the middle of nowhere, it’s hard to plan days where we are willing to get out and take a drive. However, we ARE taking our daughter to the trampoline park this week!

Goals For December


Hit 1,000 Pageviews- This will stay as one of my goals until I reach it!

Write One Blog Post A Week- I would love to be able to keep this up, even with Christmas coming up and a busy month.

Get A Month Ahead On Content- I would love to have some blog posts in the bank in case I have a week where I need them.

Grow My Email List By 20 People- I really want to start reaching this goal! (Want to help me reach this goal and get access to all my awesome resources? Sign up below!)

Social Media

Grow Social Media Channels By At Least 20 People Each– Two months in a row I’ve reached this, and I want to do it again in December.

Participate In Instagram Stories 1x A Week3x a week on Instagram seems to be my sweet spot, so that’s what I’m sticking with. However, I LOVE the idea of Instagram stories, and it’s so easy to use, so I want to participate in that a little more this month.

Participate In One Twitter Chat– I didn’t get to this the last two months, so I really, really, REALLY want to do it this month.


Get One Affiliate Sale From Amazon– Now that I’ve signed up, I’d love to be able to build affiliate income with Amazon.

Make $5,000– You might be wondering why I went down in my income goal instead of up. Since I plan on taking off for Christmas and taking a step back to work on my own business after my client’s launch, I don’t expect to make as much this month. But if I can still hit $5,000, that would be fantastic!

Finish My First Email Challenge- I meant to finish this in November but I just couldn’t find the time. So, I plan on accomplishing this in the month of December. I’ll announce what the challenge is as soon as it’s complete!


Celebrate Christmas– My husband and I have already gone shopping, so we are just waiting to celebrate Christmas with our family!

Have One Date Night With My Husband– I really want to go see Coco while it’s still in theaters, so I’m hoping we can turn movie watching into a date night for the hubs and me.

Have One Family Date– I already know I’ll pass this because we are going out this weekend, but I still wanted to add it to the list!

There you have it, my goals for the month of December. How well do you think I’ll do this month? What are your goals for December?