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Wow, it’s already 2018, and that means it’s time for my December recap and January goals! I want to check in for the beginning of the month, every month and list what I’ve accomplished each month and what my new goals are. Let’s jump into December’s recap!


Hit 1,000 Pageviews– Fail. SO CLOSE though. 799 views in the month of December

Write One Blog Post A WeekFail, but that’s because I took time off for the holidays.

Get A Month Ahead On Content Fail, but again, holidays.

Grow My Email List By 20 People– I’m going to consider this a win. I gained 19 people, but that’s pretty darn close so I’ll take it.

Social Media

Grow Social Media Channels By At Least 20 People Each– Fail, but I’m going to stop focusing on this one. I’ll tell you why during my January goals.

Participate In Instagram Stories 1x A Week– Fail. I got so wrapped up over the holidays that I really didn’t have time.

Participate In One Twitter Chat– I feel like this one will be on my list forever. Another fail for December!


Get One Affiliate Sale From Amazon– Fail. Didn’t have much time to focus on this one in the month of December.

Make $5,000– Pass! I actually made a little more due to gifts and bonuses from happy clients! In total, I made a little less than $6,000

Finish My First Email Challenge– I don’t want to consider this a fail because I had a moment of clarity about my business and decided this wasn’t in my best interest yet (more on that in another post). However, for the sake of the post, this was a fail.


Celebrate Christmas– PASS! We had a fantastic Christmas Eve, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve. Honestly, I think these were all the best I’ve ever had.

Have One Date Night With My Husband– Pass. We didn’t go to the movies, but we did go out and have a delicious dinner with just the two of us.

Have One Family Date– Pass. We actually went out as a family twice! Once for pizza and once for exploring the town.

Goals For January

First things first. You may look at last month’s goals and feel like I failed at everything. And maybe I did. But, I also took off more than a week off from work and took over two weeks off from my blog and social media. I wanted to spend quality time with my family for the holidays, and I couldn’t do that if I was glued to a computer or my phone the entire time. So here are my goals for January!


Hit 1,000 Pageviews- This will stay as one of my goals until I reach it!

Write One Blog Post A Week- I feel like it’s important to get at least one blog post up once a week. I try to provide quality content that helps other moms feel confident in entrepreneurship, but I also want to make sure I get fresh content out there as much as possible as well.

Get A Month Ahead On Content- I really want to accomplish this one this month!

Update My Blog- Not in the sense of the design, but more in what I offer. More on that in a later blog post!

Social Media

Grow My Outreach + Connect With My Audience- Instead of focusing on growing my social media by so many “followers”, I want to take the time to actually get to know them and engage with them. So from now on this is my ultimate goal when it comes to social media.

Participate In Instagram Stories 1x A Week– As part of connecting with my audience, I would love to keep this going!

Participate In One Twitter Chat– I’m keeping this on my list until I accomplish it!

Find New People In My Niche– I’d love to start connecting with more women in my niche, so I’m on the hunt this month!


Get One Affiliate Sale From Amazon– I’ll be trying this again this month.

Make $7,000– I gained three new clients in the last month and a half, and have revved up work for quite a few clients, so I’m excited to see if I can reach this!


Finish My 21 Day Fitness Challenge– Every year I take a 21-day fitness challenge from my favorite fitness guru, and this year is no exception! I hope this time the routine sticks and I continue to work out regularly as well.

Have One Date Night With My Husband– I still want to go see Coco!

Have One Family Date– I want to take my daughter to a farm here in town, but it may not work if it’s too cold all month long.

There it is, my goals for the month of January. How well do you think I’ll do this month? What are your goals for January?