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I’m back for my October recap and November goals! I want to check in for the beginning of the month, every month and list what I’ve accomplished each month and what my new goals are. Let’s jump into October’s recap!


Hit 1,000 Page Views– Fail, but I did hit 497. I didn’t do too much promoting, and I didn’t even really write too much. After months of 200 page views or less, I’m happy to see some growth.

Write One Post A WeekFail, but just barely. There were some weeks that I wrote more than one post a week, so I guess it all evened itself out.

Grow My Email List By 50 PeopleHUGE fail. My list only grew by 5 people. But, this is better than nothing, and I plan on making a few tweaks in the upcoming months to get this number to increase.

Social Media

Grow Social Media Channels By At Least 20 People Each PASS! I am so happy to say that I increased by at least 20 people on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I did grow my Pinterest by 8 followers, but I don’t really count Pinterest as part of my social media, it’s something else entirely. My exact numbers are as follows:

Twitter: 167 ( ^ from 147 in September)

Facebook: 350 ( ^ from 199 in September)

Instagram: 196 ( ^ from 165 in September)

Post On Instagram Daily–  Fail. Even though I grew my Instagram, life (as usual for a mom and business owner) got in the way. I do LOVE using Instagram, but I don’t really enjoy posting on it unless I really want to share something. I know posting on Instagram every day is what the experts say to do, but why would I post when I am uninspired? I may need to reevaluate my Instagram game.

Increase Engagement On Facebook- While not perfect, I DID, in fact, increase engagement on my Facebook page. I consider it a win!

Participate In One Twitter ChatFail. I wasn’t able to get around to this in the month of October. I plan on trying to do this in November.


Attend FinCon 2017– PASS. I’ll be honest, I had a few panic attacks on my first day at FinCon, but I stayed for the entire conference, AND I made some new friends and networked my butt off! I’ll be following up with a few client leads in the upcoming weeks as well.

Make $50 From My BlogFail. My income still comes from clients (both writing and business manager work), but that’s okay! I knew this was a big goal for such a small blog with no real plan, so I’m okay with not reaching this right away.

Gain One New Writing ClientI gained three new writing clients in the month of October, so I consider this a huge win!

Make $7,000Fail. Due to traveling and family commitments, plus losing a big client in September, my income dipped. However, I was still able to bring in $4,700, which is more than double what I made at my full-time job in 2016!


Celebrate My Husband’s And Daughter’s Birthday’sWe had so much fun celebrating the birthday’s of my husband and daughter! Both celebrated like gamers. My husband celebrated at Dave & Busters, and my daughter had her party at Chuck E. Cheese.

Celebrate HalloweenIt was so cold during Halloween, but we went to a trunk or treat and then trick or treated in our neighborhood. My daughter dressed up as Louise from Bob’s Burgers, and you can see her cute little outfit by clicking here.

Go To The Pumpkin PatchWith everything going on this month, we weren’t able to go to the pumpkin patch. I was very sad about this because it’s tradition for us, but life happens!

Goals For November


Hit 1,000 Pageviews- Since I didn’t reach this goal last month, I’m making it my goal this month!

Write One Blog Post A Week- Same thing with this goal. Since I didn’t reach it last month, I’d love to be able to reach it this month.

Get A Month Ahead On Content- I have so many ideas and topics that I want to cover, so I’d love if I could get ahead on content and have posts written in case I need them.

Grow My Email List By 20 People- I think I set my goal a tad high in October, so I will aim for 20 new people on my email list in November.

Social Media

Grow Social Media Channels By At Least 20 People Each– I was able to do this in the month of October, so I’ll keep this as a goal for November as well!

Post On Instagram 3x A Week– I’m sorry, I just can’t justify posting on Instagram* when I don’t feel like it. I love Instagram, but I don’t like posting on it as much as other people do. I like providing quality content, and I don’t feel like I can do that trying to post every single day.

Participate In One Twitter Chat– I didn’t get to this last month, so I’d love to do it this month!


Make $50 From My Blog– I’d love to be able to accomplish this in the month of November!

Make $6,000– I picked up a few new writing clients, and I’ve also increased my responsibility for my VA work clients, so I think I’ll be able to reach this goal easily.

Join Amazon Affiliates– With a new move on the horizon (read below!), I’ll FINALLY be able to sign up for Amazon Affiliates. I love Amazon…maybe a bit too much. So being able to fuel my addiction will be nice! If you don’t know, I currently live in Missouri, which doesn’t offer the affiliate program. So moving out of state means I can sign up.


Move Out– As stated above, my family and I are moving across state borders and going from Missouri residents to Kansas residents. We have a lot of plans for 2018, and this move will allow us to accomplish them much faster.

Celebrate Thanksgiving– While I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year, I’d still love to take the time to celebrate it with family.

Have One Date Night With My Husband– We didn’t really have a chance to have a date night in the month of October due to birthday’s and traveling, so I’d really love to make this a priority in November.

Have One Family Date– We try to make time to go out as a family at least once a month. I’m thinking we will take our daughter to a trampoline park since she hasn’t been to one yet. I’m excited!


There you have it, my goals for the month of October. How well do you think I’ll do this month? What are your goals for November?