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Here, you will find all of my favorite products and tools that help me run my business and simplify my life. Just click the bolded text to go straight to each site. 

Note: Some of these links may be affiliate links. This doesn’t mean that I’m promoting a product solely for the money because that’s far from the truth. I’d share these links regardless of affiliation. However, if you’re willing to support a hardworking mama and business owner, I’d appreciate it. Either way, I hope these resources help!

P.S. Want to see the books I’m reading? Click here to see my favorite books based on productivity, business, and more! 



Marketing & Sales:



  • Christian Healthcare Ministries  This is what my family uses for healthcare. While I always recommend doing your own research, using a healthshare has saved my family thousands of dollars in medical costs. My family is covered under the gold tier, but there are more affordable tiers available. 
  • K12 – I want my daughter to have the best education possible. Part of that means giving her the opportunity to learn individually. That’s where K12 comes in. She can attend school from the comfort of our home, while also receiving a great education. K12 is available in certain areas, so check to see if it’s in yours! 
  • Kindle Fire (Kids Edition) – While I don’t offer my daughter unlimited screen time, her tablet comes in handy during errands, or when I just need 30 minutes to work on something really important. I also love that the case is kid (and even adult) proofed. No more cracked screens!  
  • Crayola Color Wonder – The best invention for artsy kids everywhere. My daughter can color and draw as much as her heart desires, and I don’t have to worry about markers on the wall! This keeps her occupied for hours. (You can also grab refill paper here.) 
  • Walmart Grocery Pick-Up – I use this once a week, every week! All I need to do is order my groceries online, pick a date and time for pick-up, and have my husband pick up groceries when he runs errands. Easy-Peasy! 
  • Nurx – While I love my daughter, I’m not ready for a second baby just yet. I’ve used Nurx for over 2 years, and it’s the best birth control service I’ve ever used. You don’t even need to go to your primary doctor. You just fill out your online evaluation, put in if you have insurance or not (side note: you can still get birth control through them without insurance), and order your birth control online. I can get a 3-month supply for $45! Motherhood is amazing, but making sure I can choose to have more kids on my own time is great too. 



  • Slack – Communicating with my team.
  • Zoom – Video calls with my team and clients. I use the pro version and pay $14.99/mo, however, I used the free version for over a year! 



In My Office:

  • My Writing Desk – I’ve had this desk for over 3 years. We’ve moved over 5 times within those 3 years, and it only has one scratch on it. Perfect little desk and it can fit in just about any space. If you have an Ikea near you, you can pick it up in store! 
  • Desk Lamp – For when I’m working in the evening and don’t have much natural sunlight. The mint blue/teal color is my favorite. 
  • Pens – These are my favorite pens. They are felt tip and write solid and dark lines, without smearing! They do wear down after a while, but I can get quite a few months out of just one pen. 
  • Mini Expandable Accordion – I use this to file business receipts and keep documents in place for tax time. 
  • Hanging File Desk Organizer – While I don’t have a lot of paperwork, I do like to print off some planner printables and items like old contracts before clearing them off of my computer. This keeps them organized and out of sight until I need them. 
  • Fireproof & Waterproof Safe – This is for my most important documents. Items like my child’s birth certificate, tax returns, and more go into this safe. It’s convenient to know that it’s one less thing I have to worry about if disaster strikes.
  • A Whiteboard – I love having a whiteboard to write down quick thoughts, goals, and even important deadlines. If you want a more “sophisticated look, try an acrylic board


  • Asana  My task management system. 
  • Better Productivity Email Challenge My productivity email challenge to get you doing more in less time. 
  • Toggl My time tracking system.  
  • Tomato Timer Time tracking that follows the Pomodoro technique. 
  • Evernote My personal hub for organizing thoughts, plans, and more. 
  • Loffee – An app that plays Lo-Fi genre productivity music.
  • Fiverr – If you need a simple task done, or if you want to branch out and start outsourcing, Fiverr is a good place to start. While it won’t be the same as an assistant, it can help you boost productivity and get more done in less time. 


Earn More Money:

  • 30 Days to $5k – *shameless plug* Learn how to create systems and workflows, boost productivity, and earn more money in less time. (Get 15% off by using coupon code: 15off5k
  • $10K VA – The #1 course to purchase if you’re looking to earn more money as a virtual assistant. 


Personal & Business Development:

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