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My love and passion for my work is helping you make your business run as smoothly as possible. My specialties include teaching you how to set up your own systems, scaling without outsourcing, and giving you the support that you need in order to scale in less time. As a project manager, I can teach you how to complete the mundane and time-consuming tasks that you’d rather avoid. Book a call with me and let’s get your business organized, automated, and ready to scale.


I have really high standards and Kim is the professional I've always wanted to work with. She's easy to work with, has so many skills, always meets deadlines, and that makes my business run much smoother than it did before.

Kim has been absolutely amazing to work with. She is professional, knowledgeable of small businesses and how they need to run, helped TREMENDOUSLY with my website launch (a complete redesign) and has begun helping with my second website.

Kayla Pickrell @ Lucky Dog Mail Club

Kim has helped me develop ideas that I've had in my head but haven't had time to develop, and she is great about launching courses without added stress on my part. I love that she is such a self-starter!

Kim is THEBOMB.COM. She's able to adapt to new challenges quickly and is ridiculously flexible to work with. Her expertise in managing systems makes the transition into working with her very easy. I highly recommend Kim if your business needs extra help and organization.

Taylor Gordon @ Tay Talks Money

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