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As a solopreneur with just one subcontractor, I have to be mindful of my time. It’s easy to become extremely busy with tasks that don’t really help me reach my financial or business goals. That’s why I automate whatever I can, including my social media. Enter in SmarterQueue, one of the best tools I ever invested in. I’ve now been using SmarterQueue for over two years and wanted to share my (slightly biased) SmarterQueue review. Let’s talk about it.

What Is SmarterQueue

First, what is SmarterQueue? It’s a social media tool that allows you to schedule content across all of your social media platforms. You could easily compare it to tools like Meet Edgar, Hootsuite, and CoSchedule. Although in my opinion, it’s easily better than all of those.

SmarterQueue’s main mission as a social media scheduler is to allow you to schedule your posts and be consistent. Instead of having to post a new post by yourself every single time, you can schedule all of your content for the week, month, or even year. And since you can post on multiple platforms, you can really build up your social media presence without wasting time.

As of right now, you can schedule social media posts on SmarterQueue for Facebook (and Facebook Groups), Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. And, if you have a account, you can connect that too.

My SmarterQueue Review: Why I Switched To SmarterQueue

Before I found SmarterQueue, I had tried multiple platforms, including Hootsuite, Post Planner, Meet Edgar, and Buffer. And I hated all of them. Each one had something missing or was extremely expensive for what I wanted to do. While I’m sure those tools work great for their users, they just weren’t for me.

So, I went searching for a tool that would work for me and what I was looking for in my business. When I finally found SmarterQueue, I loved what they showed and seemed to offer. I was a little hesitant at first because I hadn’t seen anyone really talk about them. But after signing up for their trial, I was hooked.

For the first time, I could post across all of the platforms I had, build up a queue for days or weeks where I couldn’t handle social media, and could even set up multiple categories. And I was able to do all of that for $20 a month (which was more than half the price for Meet Edgar).

Key Features

So now you know why I switched to SmarterQueue, but it wouldn’t be a SmarterQueue review if I didn’t share the features and why I became hooked.


You don’t want to be posting the same things over and over. Now, you can organize your content easily with SmarterQueue’s categories feature. While they do offer you category ideas when you first sign up, you can also customize your own. For example, my categories consist of:

  • My Blog Posts
  • Affiliates
  • Products/Services Promotions
  • Other Blog Posts (from people I follow and enjoy)
  • Inspiration/Memes/Quotes
  • Business Tips/Instagram Type Posts

Again, you can set up your categories however you want.

Automated Posting & Queues

This is one of the best features of SmarterQueue. Because of their queues and scheduling, you can load up all of your posts and have them post throughout the week. And, you can post across all of your platforms, which means that you really only have to create your content once.

For example, whenever I write a new blog post, I share it across all of my platforms. Instead of having to schedule 4 separate posts (for LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), I only have to create the post once. Then, it’s added to my queue and will post during the week.

You can also set up specific times that you want social media posts to go out. For example, if you have a flash sale for your products, you can set up sales posts for specific days and times. That way, you aren’t advertising the sale when you shouldn’t be, or when it’s too late.

Pausing Categories

Do you have seasonal content? Or maybe, you have certain promotional periods, like when your course is on sale or when tickets go up for an event you’re hosting. Don’t worry about that content posting when they’re not supposed to. Instead, pause the categories when not in use, or set them up as “seasonal” categories.

So, if every year you talk about Christmas and gift ideas, you can have a Christmas category. You can set up that category to only post the content queued October through January. It really is that simple.

Create Evergreen Content

This is personally my favorite feature from SmarterQueue. While every other feature on this list is nice to have, I love the evergreen content one the most. Basically, evergreen content is content that you schedule once that will continue to post over time. So content like blog posts, affiliates, and product offerings can all be considered evergreen content.

When you post evergreen content, it will post periodically until you decide to delete it. The more evergreen content you create, the less you’ll have to schedule over time.

Bulk Upload

Have a bunch of blog posts that you want to load up at one time? As long as you have an RSS feed, you can do so easily with the bulk upload feature that SmarterQueue has. You can also do bulk upload if you have a lot of media content (like graphics) that you want to upload. And, usernames, hashtags, and URLs are easy to upload all at once too.

Engagement Features

With the Engage and Social Inbox features, you can interact with your audience easily. You can retweet, comment, and more on Twitter and Facebook. And, if someone messages you on Facebook and Twitter (and even on Instagram if your Instagram is connected to your Facebook page), you’ll be able to reply right through SmarterQueue. You’ll also be able to monitor your mentions, hashtags, keywords, and more.

As you can see, SmarterQueue has pretty much everything you could need and want in a social media scheduler.

Plans & Pricing

Okay, let’s talk about pricing. If you’re a solopreneur, or if you’re just getting started in your business, you most likely want to keep costs low when it comes to business expenses. I get it, I’m the same way. In fact, I hate spending more money on things than I have to.

And that’s where SmarterQueue shines. Unlike some other social media schedulers, SmarterQueue has affordable monthly and yearly pricing. Let’s take a look.


For just $19.99 a month, the solo plan is one of the best options for bloggers and solopreneurs who are getting started with social media scheduling. With this plan you’ll get:

  • 4 social profiles
  • 10 posts per day (per profile)
  • 10 category options
  • 500 Queued posts
  • 2 RSS feed imports
  • Analytics
  • & more


If you’re looking to have more queued posts, or need to schedule for more than 4 profiles, the business plan may be for you. For just $39.99 a month, you’ll get:

  • 10 social profiles
  • 20 posts per day (per profile)
  • 20 category options
  • 1,000 Queued posts
  • 5 RSS feed imports
  • Analytics
  • Bulk import
  • & more


While I doubt you’ll need this option, it is available if you need all the extras, or if your business grows to where you’re managing quite a few social media profiles. This plan costs $79.99 a month and has a huge increase in what you can do, including:

  • 25 social profiles
  • 40 posts per day (per profile)
  • 50 category options
  • 2,500 Queued posts
  • 25 RSS feed imports
  • Advanced analytics
  • Sort social feeds based on engagement
  • & more


Want to pick and choose what you get with your plan? Lucky for you, SmarterQueue also has a “custom” pricing option. This plan allows you to pick how many profiles you need, how many posts per day you need, and if you want more (or less) queued posts. You can play around with it and see what works for you here. Pricing starts at $19.99 a month.

Pros & Cons

Of course, just like with every tool that you’ll use in your business, SmarterQueue does have its features and setbacks. And, even though my SmarterQueue review is mostly positive, there are some cons that I want to mention. But let’s look at the pros first.


  • Affordable – unlike other platforms, SmarterQueue starts at only $20 a month.
  • Evergreen content – which means less scheduling on your part.
  • Categories – keep all of your content the way you want it, so it posts on your terms.
  • Easy to use interface – anyone can use this tool, even technology unsavvy people like me.
  • Posting capabilities – you can post on just about every single platform, right through SmarterQueue


  • No auto posting on Instagram – While you can use Planoly for this, it would be nice if SmarterQueue had this feature.
  • Basic analytics – Unless you’re on the Agency plan, analytics may not be as detailed as you’d like.

How To Use SmarterQueue

While this is a SmarterQueue review, I also want to share how I use it for my own personal business. When you first sign up for SmarterQueue, they walk you through the process of setting up your profiles, categories, and queue.

After you do that, you’re profile and posting queue will look a little like this:

Once you complete your initial set up, now is the time to schedule your content! It’s so easy to do it. Here’s what it will look like when you start:

As you can see, you’ll start by choosing a category (I chose “Own Blog Post”). Then, you’ll choose the profiles you want to schedule the post on. Whatever you choose goes to the “preview” section, where you’ll be able to view what you’re scheduling before you finally post.

The media option is added in case you want to schedule a graphic to go with your post. If you use a tool like Social Warfare, you can have your photos automatically uploaded just by adding the URL you have for what you’re scheduling.

You can also choose to post your content once, or add it to the evergreen posting. If you’re adding evergreen content, you can also set it to “expire” after posting a specific number of times, or after a certain date.

Then, you choose when to post. I typically add my newest blog post to the top of the queue, but you can also schedule your content starting at the bottom, or for a certain date and time.

Here’s how the content looks when scheduling something and changing up the text between platforms. Now mind you, this is for just one post. But the great thing about SmarterQueue is that you can post something once, but change up the text for each platform. As you can see in the photos, my tweet will have hashtags, but my Facebook post won’t. It’s easy to switch back and forth to schedule the content you want.

After I know everything looks the way I want it to, I’ll go ahead and schedule the post. And that’s it! It really is that simple to use. I was able to get all of my evergreen content switched over from my previous platform to SmarterQueue in less than 30 minutes, and it only takes me 5 minutes a week to schedule new content.

Is SmarterQueue Worth It For You?

So, now that you’ve read my SmarterQueue review, let me just say that I absolutely recommend it and think it’s worth every penny. As someone who doesn’t want to spend hours scheduling social media or coming up with ideas, SmarterQueue has been a life saver.

While you’ll have to decide if SmarterQueue is worth it for you, I give it a 10/10 and say it is for sure worth it for me. You can’t beat the pricing and all of the features that comes with it, and I love how I’ve been able to easily integrate it into my business and blog.

SmarterQueue Review: Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it, my SmarterQueue review. If you’ve been on the fence about trying out SmarterQueue or looking to switch tools, you can get a one-month trial through my exclusive link here. If you don’t use my link, you can still get a 14-day trial to see if it works for you. Overall, SmarterQueue is one of the greatest tools I’ve ever used for my business. And I will continue to use them as long as I can (hopefully they’re around forever!).