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Let me be completely honest with you. I have a hard time saying no. In my personal and professional life, I tend to be an overachiever. Need me to work late to finish a project? I can do that. Want me to come to a baseball game with you, even though I just spent twelve hours working? I’ll be there.

As I get busier in my business and with my family, I am learning that I need to say no more often. I have a toddler, a home, and a business. I can’t say yes to everything. So, I have decided to start saying no more often, and I think you should too! 

Saying ‘No’ More Often Helps You Grow

While it may seem like you are turning down opportunities to grow in your professional or personal life, in reality, you are preparing yourself for the BEST opportunities. Why say yes to a $50 blog post if you can get paid $150 for it?

As an entrepreneur, I still struggle with saying no to opportunities that I know aren’t worth my time and energy. I was raised to think that if someone was offering to pay me, I accepted, even if the pay was lower than my worth. 

What I’ve learned about entrepreneurship, is that you can pick and choose what you can and want to work on. You don’t have to say yes to every project that comes along. Sure, money is nice, but do you really want to work on something that you hate doing only because it brings you an income? That sounds more like a 9-5 job for me. I know I’m not the only one who pursued entrepreneurship to escape having to do a bunch of tasks I’d rather not do for another person’s gain.

It may be hard at first, but learning to say no more often to opportunities that don’t align with your mission or lifestyle is so important. You’ll be surprised to know that there will always be another opportunity to come along, and it may be even better than the last.

Saying ‘No’ More Often Makes You Focus

One time, I said no to a potential client that offered to pay me $200 a post. Now, $200 an article is nothing to laugh about. That’s some serious cash. But the offer didn’t align with my goals, time, and family commitments.  

So instead, I laser-focused in what I wanted to write about, and who I wanted to write for. I love writing about many topics, but my favorite topics are productivity, motherhood, and entrepreneurship. So now, I pitch myself to those type of blogs, and I focus on gaining experience in those areas.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I will switch things up and pitch to websites that have nothing to do with what I blog about, but for the most part I stick to what I am building my portfolio for, which is to establish myself as a knowledgeable and reliable source for time-strapped moms and women who want to scale their businesses and earn a liveable (or more) income from home.

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Saying ‘No’ More Often Keeps You Balanced

One of the greatest feelings in the world is the feeling of balance. The feeling you get when your to-do list has all the boxes checked off. When the home is clean and your work is done. When you have downtime to take a hot bubble bath or read a book.

But too often, I hear from so many women (and men!) that tell me they are constantly struggling with getting everything done, and how it makes them feel like they are getting nowhere. Saying no more often will give you more time to balance your hard work with play.

Truthfully, we will never be fully balanced, but that is because as humans we tend to strive to take on more and more. However, saying no can help you add time to your busy schedule, and give you some much needed time off.

Saying ‘No’ More Often Means You Care

How does saying no show you care? It shows that you care by respecting yourself. As a woman, I normally feel like I have to put everyone before myself. My family, my friends, my business. But I’ve realized that when I say yes to everything, I end up neglecting myself and my feelings.

Saying no has allowed me to focus more on taking care of myself. Before I started implementing the word no, I was steadily gaining weight, I was stressed all of the time, I was constantly sick, and I would have to drink 4+ coffees a day just to stay awake long enough to put my little one to bed. I also had a horrible time getting to and staying asleep.

Let me tell you, saying no more often has made a HUGE difference for me. I am now down to one of coffee a day (sometimes two!), I am able to fall asleep around 11 pm and sleep throughout the night, AND I’ve even lost weight.

Saying no more often has really shown me that my self-care is important, and if I am not my best, nothing I do is going to be done to my level of perfection. I was so tired of just surviving, and saying no has helped me thrive.

Saying ‘No’ More Often Gives You Power

The power of saying no belongs to you and you only. You can say no, and not one single person has the right to question that. The problem is that most people don’t exercise their power to say no.

Starting today, vow to yourself that you will say no to just one thing. It could be your job adding an extra task to your day to day duties, saying no to hosting your child’s Christmas party at school, or even just saying no to cleaning your entire kitchen today.

Use your right to start saying no, and realize that the power you hold is important. No one is going to say no for you, so you have to learn to say it yourself. Feel the power that generates through your body, and know that you can feel like that every day, just by saying no to the things that shouldn’t take up so much space in your life.

While saying yes to everything may seem like a good option, in the end, you will overwhelm yourself. Learning to say no is hard, and it takes time and patience. However, once you get the hang of it, you will start to feel alive and free. Start saying no, and watch how it can turn your life into the life that you’ve always wanted.