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Christmas Gifts For MompreneursThis post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure page here.

If this is your first time shopping for a business owner and mom, you may not know the best business Christmas gifts for mompreneurs. While every business owner may have their own wish list, these are the top gifts I’ve found that mompreneurs need and want. Here are the top 11 business Christmas gifts for mompreneurs.

Coffee Maker + Coffee

Many of the mompreneurs I know LOVE their coffee, and that includes me. There’s just something about a nice cup of joe in the morning, and possibly a second when I’m hitting that mid-afternoon slump. Even when I try to cut back on coffee, I always run back. It’s that amazing.

If the mompreneur in your life is anything like me, she’d love a coffee maker. If she already has a coffee maker, you can still get her her favorite type of coffee.

What are some of the best coffee makers? I love my french press when I’m trying to be fancy, but I also enjoy the Nespresso. Many find that the Keurig fits their needs, but you’ll have to probe the mompreneur in your life to see what she likes.

If she just so happens to not like coffee but likes tea (hey, it happens), how about making her a tea basket? You can score some great deals on loose tea and tea infusers, especially around the holidays.

A Comfy Chair

This is one of the best business Christmas gifts for mompreneurs because a comfy chair can make the world of a difference in comfort and productivity. I sit at my desk every single day to work, and if I didn’t have a comfortable chair, I’m not so sure how much I would really get done.

Now, comfort levels depending on the individual. I find that a higher back chair with no armrests works best for me. I also prefer a medium soft cushion. I’m not the biggest fan of leather, and I love when I can roll. However, some mompreneurs love stability ball type chairs, or chairs with armrests, and some prefer to be stationary. So make sure you ask before you buy!

Tools That Make Business Easier

What does the mompreneur in your life need to help her manage her business better? Maybe it’s bookkeeping, or possibly even social media help. Maybe she needs to get a little more organized.

Whatever it is, you can pay for the tools that she needs, up to a yearly plan if you can, so that she can enjoy the help without worrying about hiring someone. Business tools are a great and easy gift, mainly because they are needed, but many don’t cost too much.

For example, my bookkeeping system only costs me $10 a month, or just $120 a year. However, it saves me so much time and will be irreplaceable once tax season is here. I also enjoy many other tools, many of which I’ve listed on my resources page. Check it out, your Christmas gift may be on there!

Business Coaching/Mentoring

Business coaching or mentoring isn’t just for the bigwigs. It’s for the business owners that want to put their heart and soul into growing their business. Sometimes though, it can be hard to focus on your business if you are taking care of your family and household, which is the dilemma for many mompreneurs.

This year, give the mompreneur in your life a little clarity and focus by giving her the opportunity to hire a business coach. I’ve worked with Kayla from, and let me tell you…she’s fantastic. She’s dropped so much business wisdom in my lap, and she is supportive while also being honest and helpful.

A Course or Class For Business Growth

Can’t afford a coach just yet? No problem. What about a course or class? There are many affordable options that can still help the mompreneur in your life grow her business. I’ve taken classes and courses, and they’ve helped me learn and grow in my skill set.

Udemy and Lynda are great options for multiple classes, and here is a list of courses for mompreneurs (all you’ll have to do is sign her up!). This is one of the greatest Christmas gifts for mompreneurs because it’s something that doesn’t expire! Plus, the growth and learning is essential and can’t be replaced.


I have so many books on my wish list this year, and almost all of them are business related! My top three are She Means Business, Dear Female Founder, and In the Company of Women. Books are a great option for mompreneurs, even if it’s novels instead of business books. Sometimes, we just need to read a really good book while we unwind before bed.

If your mompreneur isn’t big into reading or doesn’t have the time, you can always try gifting them an audiobook instead. They will still be able to “read”, but won’t have to put in time commitment. They can just listen while they work.

A Personal Trainer or Nutrition Coach

Many mompreneurs feel as if they don’t have time to workout or eat right. If the mompreneur in your life wants to eat better or start working out, but claims she can’t, give her the chance to take some time to focus on her health. Hire a personal trainer or nutrition coach, and make it a non-negotiable. She may put up a fight about leaving the family to work on herself, but she will be thankful.

A Spa Day

Want to give your mompreneur an amazing and relaxing day? Gift her a certificate for a spa day! Many day spas offer packages to help you get the best bang for your buck. Another issue I run into while being a mompreneur is that I don’t always have the time to get a massage or my nails done or any other spa treatment. But when I do go, it makes a huge difference in my mood and confidence.

When you feel good, you’re able to give more. As I’ve always said, you can’t serve from an empty cup. So give your mompreneur an opportunity to replenish herself and her cup.

Hire A Babysitter or Cleaner

There are plenty of mompreneurs that are also the main caretaker of their household. Many are juggling their business, kids, and home on a daily basis. It can get stressful when you are trying to do it all. Great gifts for the busy mompreneur is a babysitter if she needs help with the kids, or a cleaner if she needs help with the house cleaning.

Your Support

Want to know the greatest gift a mompreneur can receive for Christmas? The support from their loved ones. I’ve known too many mompreneurs who say their spouses or family aren’t supportive of their business, and that’s sad to know. So this Christmas, give them the gift of your support. Show them how much they mean to you, and that you support their decision to become a business owner. Because at the end of the day, support is one of the ultimate Christmas gifts for mompreneurs.

There are many other things I could put on this list, but the gifts you get are going to be dependent on the mompreneur in your life. However, these gifts are a great place to start!