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Woah, how are we already in March?! I feel like the year just started, and now we are in my birthday month (woo-hoo!). February was extremely short, but it was such a fantastic month for me. So what have I been up to?

Business Recap

Finished My First Email Challenge

I set this as a sort of secret goal for myself. I said I was working on it and I hoped it would be done by the end of February, but I didn’t really build too much of a hype around it just in case I didn’t finish. However, I finished creating my first free email challenge and it’s live now! You can actually sign up below, and I created a pop-up optin for it as well for when anyone new visits my site.

Started Looking For A Virtual Assistant

It’s hard to find someone who understands the online business world, but I’m looking! For right now, my husband helps out when he can, but that won’t be sustainable long-term. He’s trying to start his own business and is also going back to school, so I’ll need to find someone before September of this year. Wish me luck!

Upped My Freelance Writing

I wrote quite a few articles that were published in February, and I even wrote my first article for Chime Bank. I’ve been having a lot of fun getting back into writing, and I hope to keep the momentum going for the next few months.

Google Keep

How did I not know about Google Keep? It’s FANTASTIC. I love using my planner to write things down. I also love using pen and paper for my planning and goal setting. However, I always have a million things running through my brain, and that sometimes means crowding my planner, which is not what I want to do. For the longest time I was using a separate notebook to keep a running to-do list and to write down my thoughts, but now I just use this bad boy. I can access it through either my phone or laptop because it’s saved to my Google account. I can even color-code, make lists, add photos, etc. I love it!

Personal Life Recap

Valentine’s Date

Although we celebrated a little late, my husband and I had such a great Valentine’s date! We went out to eat at a fancy restaurant, went to go see Black Panther at the movies, and then went to a dessert and latte bar. We had a fantastic time, and we even stayed under budget!

Watched My Sister Join The Coast Guard

My first little love (and little sister) decided to join the military, and with her test scores they told her she could have any job she wanted! She’ll be shipping off in the summer after graduation, and I’m tearing up because I can’t believe she’s already an adult. My husband, daughter, and I joined her at the Coast Guard office to support her while she signed all of her paperwork!

Listened/Read Three Books

I try to listen to podcasts and audiobooks when I’m working during the day, and I also try to read for a few minutes before bed. I was able to read What I Told My Daughter during the night, and listened to A Secret Kept and The Power of Habit through Audible while I worked.

I enjoyed What I Told My Daughter and plan on reading it to my daughter as she starts getting older. I read A Secret Kept because I loved the author’s other book Sarah’s Key, and it was just as fantastic! The Power of Habit was pretty great as well, and I loved how it focused on mindset and patterns. I highly recommend it for those of you on the hunt for a good non-fiction!

Started Focusing On Veganism Again

As someone who has a passion for animals and never really liked meat to begin with, veganism just seemed like a natural choice for me health wise. I was never a big meat eater growing up, I hate eggs, and dairy and cheese don’t taste all that great to me either. Plus, after doing years of research, talking to doctors, and more, veganism really stuck with me as a great option to stay healthy and still enjoy good food.

While I’ve slipped off the bandwagon the last few months (mainly with choosing processed foods and letting my foodie husband talk me into eating out), I really started working towards veganism again in February. I’m happy with the results and journey so far!

Overall I had a fantastic February, but I’m even more excited to be in March. I’ll be turning 24, and I have more blogging and business goals to accomplish!

What did you accomplish in February?