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Oh, it feels SO good to be back and in the swing of things for the new year! I have so many exciting things ready to share with you all, and I have news to share on how I plan 2017 to go for my business.

So first let me say that I am so eternally grateful and ready to start the new year. I recently posted on my personal Facebook that I choose a “word” for 2017, and my word was GROWTH. (If you want to know more about choosing a word, check out this post.)

The reason that I choose the word growth is that it’s exactly what I plan on doing this year. I have so many goals for 2017 to help me grow as an entrepreneur, mother, wife, and Christian. Now, you don’t have to believe in what I believe, and you don’t have to be a mother or wife to want to grow in your personal relationships. I’m merely sharing this with you so you can get an idea of why I chose the word growth, and what my plans are for my blog.

Now, if you haven’t had the opportunity to choose a word, I highly suggest you do so. This will be the first year that I have, and I can’t believe how it’s made my goal setting and planning so clear.

My Virtual Assisting ebook

With all of that being said, I wanted to share my first accomplishment for the beginning of 2017… I wrote a virtual assisting ebook! It was on my 2017 “business bucket list”, and I got the opportunity to work on it starting in November of 2016. I didn’t expect it to be complete, but I actually finished it a few days before New Year’s Eve. I also created a free resource library to add it to (along with some other goodies), and I released it today! Talk about crushing my goals in the New Year!

I wanted to get back to my roots and write about WHY and HOW I started my business. I got tired of seeing all of these posts on how it’s super easy to be an assistant, and that you can make a ton of money doing it, so I decided to write my virtual assisting ebook in a way that was a little more personal and raw. No gimmicks, no sales, no pointless information.

Don’t get me wrong, this gig can get lucrative. But that shouldn’t be the reason why you start it. My new virtual assisting ebook was written to help other women, especially women without a lot of money to spend, learn the basics of virtual assisting. I want you to be able to start your own business and feel great doing it. I don’t want you to think you have to spend a lot of cash, take a bunch of courses, or scour the internet for hours to get the information you need.

So here’s the deal. My virtual assisting ebook contains:

  • 19 Pages of information that I’ve gathered as a virtual assistant, including; managing your business finances, legal aspects of your business, pitching to potential clientele, and more.
  • Q & A section where I answer questions that I get on a regular basis, including; how to manage clients, invoicing techniques, and more.
  • The password to my secret resource library. It includes the contract I have ALL of my client’s sign, a 10-minute business plan worksheet, and more. This library will also be updated every month, as a way of saying thank you for trusting me with your questions and research!
  • A chance to connect with me and ask any questions you may have as you navigate as a virtual assistant. There is a ton of competition, but there is also a ton of help and support in this virtual assisting world. You just have to find your tribe.

I am so excited and joyful to be sharing this new ebook with you. After putting in a ton of hours, tears, and love into this book, I want you to enjoy it. I want you to succeed as a new business owner. If I can do that for just one person, I know I’ve done my job with this ebook. You can sign up to receive the download, plus my other resources, by filling out the form at the end of this post.

Updates On The Entrepremomer

My first big update is that I plan on only posting once a week from now on. There are many reasons why I came to this decision, but the main one is so that I don’t burn out and quit halfway through the year. Sometimes, life gets busy and complicated, and I don’t want to give you half-ass content because I was too wrapped up in my personal life.

Although I will only be posting once a week, I will be posting content-rich posts. My goal is at least 1,500 words a post, but if I write more that’s okay too. I don’t want to just give you 3 tips. I want to be the person that you can rely on to help you grow your business. I’d love to encourage you to quit your 9-to-5, stay home with your kids, and become a business badass.

My second update is that I plan to overhaul my site. I want it to be easy for you to navigate and find what you need when you need it. This change will happen gradually, and I will be doing all that I can to make it a resource for mompreneurs. If you have any questions or want some insight into building your business, drop me a line!

You have no idea how happy I am to be ticking off my goals already. I am so ready to start the new year.  I can’t wait to show you more of what I have in store!