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I’m coming back with a week in the life of a fellow mompreneur, Jamie of Jamie Reinhart Photography!

You may remember Jamie from last week when she shared her tips and tricks for running a business smoothly. She’s an incredible mom and business owner, and I’m so excited for you to see how crazy (but awesome) her week is!

Just as a disclaimer, these ladies are sharing their stories and lives as a way to encourage and inspire, so let’s make sure they feel welcome!

Let’s get into a week in the life with Jamie! 

Day 1, Wednesday

I wake up at 7 am to the sweet sounds of my child asking for his breakfast. It was followed by the not so sweet sound of my husband letting me know that he is staying home sick (ok, so he was legit sick), and that I would need to get the kids ready and take them to school.

7am-8am: Rush around like a mad woman trying to find clean clothes and matching socks (where do they all go??) and trying to sweet talk my young children into eating their breakfast and brushing their teeth.

9am-12pm: Get home and do this weird combination of laundry, dishes, editing pictures, and writing blogs. Tidbits of everything. Pray that it all comes together later on. I also decided to start a diet today, so I’m a little on the hangry side.

12pm-3pm: Plan content with my Champagne Campaign partner in crime, Becca. Research, plan, erase, repeat. At the end of the 3 hours, we have a content calendar we love. Well, for the next two weeks.

3pm: Pick up the kids

3pm-8pm: This evening was a blur. There was laundry involved, cleaning the kitchen, cooking, cleaning the kitchen, snacks, cleaning the kitchen… We bought my oldest son a blow-up water slide for his birthday and let the kids use it for the first time. It’s dangerous. Mistakes have been made. They loved it. In the evenings, you know, the time when I’m trying to be present with my kids? That is when I have my genius ideas. I carry a little notebook around with me so I can write them down before mom brain sets in and the ideas are gone forever.

8pm-Bedtime: The kids are awesome at bedtime. They go down super easy when their dad puts them to bed. But he is in bed sick, remember? I get to witness a tiny tornado bounce around the room because my son wanted chips in bed.

9pm: Finally sit down to work when one little man pops into my office. He can’t sleep because his brother is being too noisy (they even have their own rooms). I have him come to sit with me while we listen to the recording of “Laurel vs. Yanny”. He hears the word Hearth.

9:30pm: To work for real.

9:30pm-2:30am: Loads of work. Editing a beautiful wedding, blogging, creating content, researching, PDF’s — all of the work from earlier today starts to come together and finally at 2:30 am I feel comfortable enough with where I’m at to finally hit the sack.

Day 2, Thursday

7am: Having children is hands-down the best alarm clock. I should have prepped their clothes and lunches last night, but I didn’t. So here I am, rushing around trying to get them ready for school. Why in the world is it so hard to find matching socks?!

8am: Time to work! I start laundry. Ok,  think it’s fair to say “restart” the laundry. I left the load in there a little too long and it needs a little refresher. Who’s with me? (editor note: I’ve done this so many times!) 

8am-11:30am: Editing! I also posted to Instagram during this chunk of time. This is significant because I posted about a Vendor Spotlight that we will be starting and I’m anxious to see what the response is. So far we have some likes on the post but nobody has filled out the form yet to be featured. I keep refreshing.

11:30am: Reheat the cup of coffee that has been in the microwave for quite some time.

11:30am-3:00pm: Same old work routine — editing, blogging, social media, laundry, meal prep, cleaning, laundry, more editing. 

3:00pm-8:00pm: Homework, playing, baths, bed for the kids. 

8:00pm: I actually prep for the kids’ morning. Lunches are made, folders are out, clothes are ready to go. I feel like a total badass.

8:15pm-2:00pm: Editing. True Story.

Day 3, Friday 

7am-8am: you know the drill, except that today goes a little more smoothly since I was prepared. However, I’m totally cranky from lack of sleep.

9am-12pm: “Work”. I like to call it work, but it felt a little more like scrolling aimlessly through Facebook all day.

12pm: I start editing. 

12:05pm: I’m over editing.

12:06pm: I’m over working for the day. (editor note: Every mompreneur feels this way every now and then!) 

I get a shower, because that’s my normal way to recharge and motivate myself. It didn’t help. I gave up and just did housework for the rest of the day until it was time to pick up the kids. 

3pm: Picked up my kids and realized my 5 year old’s birthday party was on Sunday. Also realized only a few people RSVP’d.

5pm: Kids have Soccer. The oldest loves it, but the youngest just doesn’t have the attention span for it. I go and put on a little horse and pony show to try to keep the youngest occupied the entire time. Afterwards, we do our normal Friday routine of pizza, some kind of baked good, and a movie!

After the kids go to bed, I sit down to edit and I’m just done with it all. I start researching different places to get started on the option of outsourcing my editing. I get to bed at a normal time.

Day 4, Saturday

Today is all about getting ready for the birthday party tomorrow. This is the first time I’ve felt this, but I am just heartbroken for my son — only two families are coming to his birthday party and I am worried sick that he is going to be sad or disappointed. He has been looking forward to this party for what feels like the entire year. We put together goodie bags and all that good stuff, but I have some major parent guilt going on.

I find a company that I like and decide to outsource the rest of the current wedding I am editing.

Day 5, Sunday 

Birthday Party Day!!

Guess what. Mason had no idea that “only” two families came. He was excited to play with his friends and have his “Thomas Cake”. He really only cared about the cake! We went to Disney Springs after the party and continued the celebration. He had a great day and I learned a valuable parenting lesson. It really isn’t about how big the party is, it’s about making it special. Mission accomplished. 

Day 6, Monday 

It’s a holiday weekend and the kids are out of school. I work and they play. We grill out for dinner but that was really the extent of it. It was pretty laid back this Monday. However, it’s the calm before the storm. I gear up for the bear of a week that we have in store for us.

Day 7, Tuesday

We start the week with Drew’s End of the Year school party. I fight back tears while they play the slideshow from the year. It’s a quick little party, but enough to take a little chunk out of my workday. Sometimes it feels like an inconvenience until I remind myself that it is the exact reason that I decided to start a business of my own in the first place.

It’s always important to go back and remember your “Why”. The rest of the week includes a preschool graduation, a second end of the year party, a Disney celebration day, and our first day of summer vacation! Ahhh!

Thanks so much for sharing your week with all of us Jamie!

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