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If you’ve been following blogs for a while, or if you’re ever on social media, you may have come across people choosing their word of the year. To be honest, when I first found out about this back in 2016, I thought it was weird. I’ve never been one for woo-woo, and I’m a planner by nature. So in my mind, I wondered how a simple word could make my year better. But of course, being the curious type that I am, I decided to give it a try. In 2017, I chose my first word of the year, growth.

And wouldn’t you know it, I grew my business, I grew as a person, and I was able to be there for my daughter’s growth as well. So then, in 2018, I chose the word abundance. And you wouldn’t believe the abundance I experienced last year! Now, in 2019, I have chosen another word for the year, and I’m a firm believer that choosing a word of the year can help you be productive and build a banging personal and professional life. If you’re a skeptic like I was, let me break it down for you. Here’s why you should choose a word of the year.

It Sets An Intention

First things first, setting a word of the year sets an intention. Planning can get messy really quick. We all have our share of to-do lists, plans, goals, resolutions, and more. But by sticking to a single word, we are able to then focus on the goal we want to achieve that year.

For example, when I chose the word growth for 2017, it was for a good reason. For me, I wanted my business to be profitable. I wanted to grow in my faith, my love, and my life. I wanted to experience growth like never before. And by choosing that word, I set the intention to grow, no matter how I achieved it or what I had to do to get there. Could I have made a bunch of goals and resolutions? Of course I could have. But having that word to fall back on really set my actions and plans into motion, because I knew that in order to reach that, I had to get out of my comfort zone.

It Keeps Things Simple

How many resolutions and goals do you make for yourself on a regular basis? If you’re anything like me, you probably make a ton. In fact, in 2016, before I had found the word of the year phenomenon, I had over 30 goals that I wanted to accomplish in one year. Yeah, that’s a lot. Yes, it’s also possible that I could’ve reached all of them too. But did I? Nope. I only accomplished about a third of what I wanted to do.

By choosing a word of the year, I was able to keep things simple and to the point. Again, 2017 was all about growth and 2018 was all about abundance. That encompassed my mindset, my work life, my home life, and myself. If my goals and resolutions didn’t align with my word, they had to go. In doing that, I released so much pressure from myself, because I knew where my focus was.

It Helps Align Your Goals & Passions

In addition to not choosing goals that didn’t align with my word, I was able to find goals and passions that did. By choosing a word, you are deciding to work towards that as a goal. If you choose the word simplicity, most likely your goals are going to be cleaning out your home, decluttering your inbox, or even donating all of the old crap you still have lying in the trunk of your car. Choosing a word helps you to align your passions and goals to accomplish more, without the stress of accomplishing everything.

It Keeps You Honest

Have you ever stretched the truth on whether you were reaching your goals or not? Maybe you set out a goal to lose 50 pounds in a year, and when someone asked how things were going you said “Fine! Just a few pounds to go!” even though you knew you really had about 40 pounds to lose. You can’t do that when you choose a word of the year. You either achieve it or you don’t.

And that’s not to scare you or stress you out, but it brings up the point that you can’t be dishonest when it comes to setting your intentions with just one word. So if your word of the year was adventure, but you never went out and did anything, you wouldn’t be able to lie to people and say “Yeah, I totally crushed my goals this year”. So, in order to be able to stay honest, having a word of the year encourages and motivates you to actually work on it and do it.



My Word For 2019

Now that you know why choosing a word for the year is important, let me share with you my word for 2019! My word this year is intention. The previous two years were built on building and growing my life, and this year I wanted to take a step back and focus more on where my time was going and if I’m living my life to the best of my abilities.

It’s not just about balance or work-life integration. It’s about choosing my priorities and making sure they align with my vision. Now don’t get me wrong, I still have a few things that I want to accomplish this year! But by being honest with myself and the time that I have at this point in my life, I know I can only focus on a few things at a time and do them well. So my word, intention, really hones in on what I want my year to be like.

How To Find Your Word

If you haven’t chosen a word of the year yet, you may be wondering how you can find one that fits you and what you want to accomplish this year. My biggest piece of advice is to let your word find you. Write down your goals and ambitions, take some personal development quizzes, download all the free workbooks you can, and just write and study. All of my words have come to me during the exercises that I practice, like meditation and reading.

For example, abundance, my word for 2018, came to me while listening to a podcast about your mindset and how it really can control everything you do. Having a scarcity mindset can mean that you’re afraid to take risks and sometimes, that you don’t believe you deserve what you have. By having an abundance mindset, you’re opening yourself up to lots of risks, including failures, but you always know that the universe will have your back.

I LOVED listening to that podcast, and it made me realize that I had a scarcity mindset. And I wanted to take risks, love myself more, and know that I deserved what I had because I put in the work and had the mind frame. And just like that, my word was abundance. I didn’t just pick it out of a lineup, but it came to me.

While you can choose your word, I think it’s important to make sure that word speaks to you. I know, that sounds a little woo-woo from the girl that doesn’t really believe in woo-woo, but it’s true. Choosing a word isn’t just picking something from a list. It’s kind of like choosing your partner. You don’t marry the first person that walks through the door. Instead, you pick the person that your soul chooses. Same goes for your word! Let it come to you, but until then, do a few exercises to help you find it.

Choosing a word of the year is so much fun, and can really help you achieve more this year! The simple act of choosing a word may not appeal to some, but it’s been a great tradition for me to keep the last three years, and I plan on continuing it for the rest of my life.

Have you ever chosen a word for the year? If so, what was it?